la casa de la favorita, tarifa, hotel La Casa de la Favorita has a long and fascinating history. Before it became the property of the Chamizo family, well-known and loved residents of Tarifa, it had been home to a doctor, a writer, a veterinarian and even a smuggler. However, going back even further to the house′s beginnings, we find that it was already included in the catalogue of Tarifa′s important buildings in 1850, and that it was the home of the heir to the title of Prince of the Abbasi dynasty, to whom the mansion owes its current structural layout.

Faithful to the original project, a palace created for the worthy task of serving as a home, we have worked for two years on a meticulous restoration that has yielded a result that we are very happy with: a comfortable, practical and evocative manor in which every room, every corner, respects the spirit of the original construction, where the Prince of Abbasi dedicated his life to the love he felt for a woman from Valladolid who was his favourite, or "favorita". Pilar Yáñez, the arquitect, and Bruno Gitsels, the decorator, have succeeded in their mission: to faithfully reproduce an environment that will make our guests experience the sensations felt by the home′s owners over the course of its history, making it their own "favorita".

With all respect to Tarifa′s other hotels, our establishment, which has moved away from the area′s desired association with wind sports, has achieved its objective: to be a reference point in Andalucian cultural tourism.

We would love to welcome you to La Casa de la Favorita, and feel sure that you would have a wonderful time. Come and see for yourselves!

La Casa de la Favorita.