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Gastronomy in Tarifa

The fresh products of the area, sea and hills, the best choice. Without undermining the magnificent pizza chefs who prepare succulent pizzas in wood ovens, the truth is that Tarifa possesses a ravenous sea. Squid and other species contribute to an exceptional marine cuisine. However without a doubt there is one star: Tuna. The Almadraba…
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The winds of Tarifa

The wind, especially the Levante, is the defender of the preservation and sustainability of Tarifa. But is it such a big deal? This climatological element, the wind, has meant that during the years Tarifa has stayed isolated and almost forgotten. Its power gets a good run up from the Balearic islands, comes from the east,…
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A Brief History of Tarifa

Tarifa, a favourite since ancient times for its benefits, has a lot to tell. Tarifa is the southernmost town in Europe and its origins date from Roman times in the first century A.D. Since ancient times it appears that Tarifa has been an exceptional place to live and this is corroborated by the existence of…
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