In Tarifa you choose. Activity? You might not excel at them all, but don´t leave without trying: kite surf, windsurf, surf, SUP, land sailing, hiking, rock climbing, bird or whale watching, mountain biking, day trips to Morocco and Gibraltar, museums and monuments: Baelo Claudia, Guzmán El Bueno castle, Paloma island, Los Algarbes necropolis. And to relax? We make the suggestions and you decide: A walk along the beach or in the Alcornocales or El Estrecho natural parks, reading in one of the many squares in Tarifa, yoga, get a relaxing massage, sunbathe, eat tapas in all the bars in the centre, visit the library or public archives, Guzmán El Bueno castle or walk the town walls..

One of the great attractions of Tarifa is that it is a lively town made up of centuries old customs, mixed with modern ones instilled by its visitors and by people from all over the world that have settled here. The terraces are occupied daily by all types of people, and the calm vibe of town life tempts you to sit down and listen to the chatter, something that is often overlooked with the pace of modern life.

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